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Also available on Spotify


Refilled (2012)

With their latest offering, Vocalogy delivers the highly anticipated sequel to their 2005 “Distilled” recording.  This time, the vocal quintet serves up a colorful array of pop and jazz standards alike, accompanied by expert players in a contemporary mix

Distilled (2005)

Vocalogy pours a 200-proof blend of four voices into a mix of top instrumentalists to deliver a kick of jazz harmony in this collection of thirteen jazz and pop standards, which include:  Charles Mingus and Joni Mitchell’s tongue-in-cheek “Dry Cleaner from Des Moines,” smoky-jazz arrangements of Lennon & McCartney’s “Oh Darlin,” and Bernstein’s “Some Other Time,” a sassy upbeat “Groove Merchant” and a stark arrangement of Paul Simon’s “Old Friends.”  

Over the Rainbow (2012)

A cappella single



Vocalogy performs "All or Nothing At All"

Vocalogy performs "Waters of March"

Vocalogy performs "The Kicker"

Vocalogy performs "Eggplant"



Gerhard's Band-in-a-Box in the Vocal Jazz rehearsal

Gerhard's Band-in-a-Box (live) demonstrations

Gerhard's Pro Tools demonstrations (with special guests, Vocalogy!)

Gerhard's Sound for Gaming (using Unity) demonstrations

Gerhard's Arranging and Production

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