Here are some of Vocalogy's arrangements, edited for publication, available through our publishers.

"The Kicker" is a fast swinging chart, featured on Vocalogy's CD "Refilled"; a wonderful tool for teaching improvisation, rhythm, groove and more. A great opener or closer to any set, fun and accessible. Rhythm sections enjoy the challenge of this important jazz classic. Sound Music Publications

"All or Nothing At All," the song that put Frank Sinatra on the map, gets a turbo boost to up-tempo swing. Fast unison lines -- not for the faint of heart -- alternate with harmonized hits. Features an open drum solo to let the drummer flex. Basses sing in baritone range and sopranos rarely go above the staff. UNC Jazz Press

"Waters of March" is one of Jobim’s best-known songs and features a vocal-rhythmic style with male and female solos. It introduces singers to the Portuguese language; a pronunciation guide helps the group get the authentic sound of the lyrics. The smooth voice leading and moderate vocal ranges make this an excellent Latin piece to include in concert or festival programming. Sound Music Publications

The lead-off arrangement for Vocalogy's "Refilled" album, "Eggplant" pays tribute to Michael Franks' tongue-in-cheek classic -- opening with a laid-back swing feel, then building into an exciting shuffle with horn-like inflections and an instru-vocal approach. Doubled lines are notated for the keyboardist and vocal backgrounds are available for solo opportunities. Sound Music Publications

"I Thought About You" is a truly hip arrangement of a tried-and-true jazz swing classic that will challenge your vocalists and instrumentalists. The band kicks off the arrangement and then yields to a chorus of a cappella before returning to accompany the harmonized scat soli section. This chart incorporates many of today’s rhythms and harmonies featured in the most contemporary vocal groups. Terraced dynamics provide lots of surprise and excitement for the performers and the audience. This arrangement is a must for your advanced group. UNC Jazz Press

Featuring a lyric solo and a hip bass line, "It Could Happen to You" is done in the contemporary a cappella style. It will challenge your group and make them swing while developing a solid ensemble blend. Sound Music Publications

Paul Simon's wistful song portrays a young person imagining what it would be like to become old. "Old Friends" has a straight-eighth-note ECM flavor, with atmospheric sounds from the band. Features a tenor or baritone vocal solo and has solo space for a sensitvie instrumentalist. Recorded on Vocalogy's Distilled album. UNC Jazz Press

Performed by all the jazz 'greats,' Harold Arlen's ballad "Last Night When We Were Young" features contemporary harmonies along with male and female lyric solos. Your group and audiences will relate to the touching and timeless lyrics. Sound Music Publications